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Friday, December 11, 2009

Host name lookup failure

ping: cannot resolve Host name lookup failure

When you put a host (a computer) behind a router, you might suddenly get a "host name lookup failure" even though your network was working a moment ago. You are pretty sure your network is up, your nameserver is working, and you can usually fix it by restarting the host.

You can fix this without restarting a host. The problem is very likely that your host does not use your new router as a default gateway. you simply need to add that as your default route using:

route add default

assuming is the router.
you might want to flush the route using route flush

Read the interesting FreeBSD handbook here

check your routing tables with
netstat -r
renew your dhcp lease with
re-enable your (network) interface with
ifconfig interface up
ifconfig interface down
check your nameserver at

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