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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Hide Yourself Away From Google With Firefox

Each profile has a couple of add-ons:
Adblock Plus [] - general catch-all to block things like doubleclick and the million other trackers
CookieSafe Lite [] - for fine-grained control of what sites can set cookies
NoScript [] - for fine-grained control of what sites can use javascript and flash
Redirect Cleaner [] - for removing those "bounce links" that a lot of sites use to track you when you follow a URL off their site, with the cleaner you go directly to the destination URL
RefControl [] - for clearing out or rewriting the referrer URL - prevents sites from knowing where you came from when you clicked a URL to their site, sometimes helpful in accessing poorly 'restricted' content
Targetted Advertising Cookie Opt-Out [] - sets special cookies that sites may choose to obey to say "don't profile me" since these TACOs are not unique-per-user, I figure it can't hurt although it probably doesn't do anything
User Agent Switcher [] - Lets your browser identify itself as a different browser - this is very important
Ghostery [] - Informational Only - tells you what tracking sites may be tracking you on any given page (does not block them, and you get false alarms on sites where NoScript blocks javascript, but it is still good for situational awareness)
Better Privacy [] - Blocks new stealth "super cookies" in Flash and DOM Storage Objects. VERY IMPORTANT

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