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Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Goal? Framework, algorithm, math --> what to master? best books? library? framework?
Long Term: (ROI is high)
BSD Kernel(AUP, FreeBSD OS), Boost Library(STL, Container, Algorithm)
Read, do it, confuse, and repeat, you will get it!
(retrospective of C++, Qt, firefox source code, firefox extension)
Never stop learning, believe you can learn board and deep on everything. (steps and dance story)
Ask the right question, your problem will be solved.

Short Term:(change fast~)
wfp, jquery, javascript(closure97,prototype,p182 o.o.js., class literal, uber?), qt
C#, .Net, PHP,
magazine: qt quterly, businessweek

How did you prepare for the entrance exam? practice, daily test, test multiple books
  • Programming Challenge, search, sort, combi. (Algorithms in C++, boost code, stl code)
  • Math in TAoCP (occasionally read interesting algorithms)
  • Code! boost, stl, qt, .net, wpf
  • 30 minutes book review drill (cheatsheet+notes and pages, browse books)
  • Log about what you have coded today
Cheatsheet: C#, Javascript, WPF
Algorithm: heap(make, sort, push, pop, ), sort linked-list,

RealWork: spend more time here, long term investment
  • read library code: boost, stl, c standard, extend stl, (Qt?)
  • read app code: ?
  • code algorithm: Algorithms in C++
  • code math: TAoCP
  • code datastructure: container
  • code framwork api: wigets, general purpose, wpf
30 Minutes Drill: you have read enough, just review them, quickly!
  • Design Pattern:
  • Algorithms: search, sort, combinatorial
  • DataStructure
  • Languages: c++, c#, javascript, python
  • Framework: Qt, wpf, jquery
todo here: effective c++, gocha, common knowledge, coding standard,
.net 3.5, .net clr
python syntax
javascript the good parts
Qt, WPF, JQuery

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