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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

OpenSource, Tmux Terimnal for Hacker

tmux is a great, clean terminal manager for Hacker. You can split into multiple windows (horizontal and vertical), and the key-bindings are Vi and Emacs friendly. If you think the GNU Screen does not suit your need, try BSD tmux.

C+b, C+ " -- horizontal split
C+b, C+ % -- vertical split
C+b, o -- switch to another pane (the split window)
C+b, x -- kill the current pane (the split window)
C+b, ! -- break pane (close other split windows except the current one)

C+b, M+1 -- even horizontal layout
C+b, M+2 -- even vertical layout

C+b, C+c -- create a new window
C+b, C+w -- select another created window
C+b, [0-9] - select another created window by number
C+b, C+& -- kill the current window

C+b, = -- into scroll mode

C+b, ? -- see more commands (help)


Anonymous said...

I am really enjoying tmux. What a breath of fresh air from screen.

Jerry said...

You've a got a few errors in your key mappings, e.g.

Split horizontal is C+b, " (not C+b, C+") and
split vertical is C+b, % (not C+b, C+%).