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Monday, July 20, 2009

Megaliving Study Notes

This is my study notes for "Megaliving". all credits go to the author, Robin S. Sharma and its respective owner.

Stop being a prisoner of your past - become the architect of your future.

If you set limits on yourself
such as “I am too young to be a multi-millionaire,” “I am not smart
enough to be a world leader,” “I am too lazy to start my own business”
or, “I don’t have enough money to do this,” your spirit will slowly die
and you will fulfill your negative prophecy.

Limited thinking patterns must be exploded
and you must exert your tremendous mind strength to develop the
habit of Limitless Thinking.

The first step to a life full of wonders is to
see that your outside world begins with your inside world and every
single thought must be one that will take you farther along the path of
a perfect life. Your thoughts can create magic and every thing you have
ever wanted. Today’s thoughts build tomorrow’s dreams.

Picture yourself in your mind’s eye as you hope to be, having all
you ever dreamed of having. Make a “Dream List” of everything you
desire in your lifetime.

If you keep doing the same things
every day, you are certain to get the same results every day.

There are 168 hours in a week

You should spend at least 30 minutes daily cultivating the perfect
health which lies deep inside the temple of your body.

Trust me, physical excellence precedes mental excellence.

Every peak performer, from Michael Jordan and Wayne Gretzky
to the President of the United States recognizes the value of a calm,

As a baby, you were in the ideal performance state to achieve
excellence. Did you fear public speaking, starting a successful business
or skydiving? Of course not.

As the age-old expression says, “sow a thought, reap
an action, sow an action, reap a habit, sow a habit, reap a character,
sow a character, reap a destiny!”

Remember this ancient truth: you can accomplish anything in
your life with the right knowledge.

You must learn their
habits, read the books they read, study their diets and learn their
philosophies and strategies.

Just as a runner gets a second wind on a
long run, your mind will get a second wind if you exert your discipline
muscles and stick with the job you are doing. It will not be easy at first.
But you must be strong and not seek to escape the task you may be
finding dull and unpleasant. Soon your discipline will take over.
Things you had trouble doing will become easy. Larger goals become
attainable and your confidence soars. You feel mentally stronger and

Picture in your mind’s eye the wonderful benefits of completing
this task successfully.

Now write down your decision to dramatically improve and tape it
next to your bedside.

asked how he did this, he replied that he simply ran the perfect race
over and over on the movie screen of his mind before he ran it in
reality. Tennis ace Andre Agassi is a master at the art of visualization

“My whole game is attitude. You’ve
got to think positively to achieve the impossible, to be what you
expect to be. If you seek mediocrity, then that’s all you get!”

Shatter the myth, once and for all, that you are too old, too
young, too tired, too taxed, too poor or too average to do extraordinary

You must expect to win at the game of life.

Take at least 10 minutes every
evening and visualize yourself doing what you want to do. Picture the
fun and happiness you will feel when, at the end of your life, you have
done all that you wanted to do.

Remember the Rule of 21.

p.50 goals in 5 years and 10 years

Another useful tip is to see yourself as a person in peak health.
Two or three times a day, shut your eyes and picture clearly the person
you want to become physically. See the brilliant glow in your face and
eyes and notice the smooth tone of your skin and muscles. See yourself
laughing and feel the energy that you have cultivated.

Everything is created twice - first in your mind and
then in the outside world.

p.59, how to breathe

Kaizen & Consistent Practice
Raise Your Standards and Keep Pushing

always answr the phone with enthusiasm in your voice and show your appreciation for the caller.

stay on purpose, not on outcome

light a candle beside you when you are reading in the evening.

mind is like muscle

replace any negative thought with positive one immediately

never argue with the person you work for -- you will lose more than just the argument

send handwritten notes

never complain

be jim wiesem

rule 76, marriage

help concentrate -- just close your eyes

peak performers are physically relaxed and mentally engaged.

5 years financial plan

make a new acquaintance

mental vacation few minutes a day

all the answers to any question are in print -- read daily

get into the habit of breakfast meetings

if you live in a flat, always ensures that it is very bright and has a swimming pool.

get into the habit of memorizing beautiful poetry

keep your words soft and argument hard

be known as the person who goes the extra miles --be a standout!

push yourself a little harder and little further each day

be known as an innovator at work

try to go through a whole day without saying 'I'

each day do 2 things you do not like doing

pick 5 relationships that you desire to imporve over the next six months

recognize the power mantras

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